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How to Start a Blog?
Get More Traffic on your blog
Make Money through Adsense
Definition of SEO:
Start Posting by first post
How to create a blog?
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How to add Latest Facebook Comment Box in Blogspots or Blogger
Simple Plugin of Sitemap: Create Sitemap.html for Your Blog
Make visitors catch you or your blog
How to Create Best Facebook Like Pop Up Box?
SEO Terms: Everybody should know
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Remove the Title Attached with Your Post Title and Make Title SEO Friendly
How to Put Meta Keywords in Each Blogger Post
Remove the Labels Which Shown Below the Post
Create Facebook Fan Page of Your Blog for Better SEO
Add Google Analytics in The Blogs
What is PageRank: Google Page Rank Check Tool
Tricks of Making Your Facebook Page Higher Rank in Both Google and Facebook Search
Some Basic Issues of 2014: That can be the Reasons of Penalizing Your Site
Internal/External Link Building Techniques for 2014
How to Put Adsense Ads Middle of the Every Pages and Posts
Stucture of Blogger Dashboard Every Blogger Should Know
How to Make Different Background of Each Post
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Add Best Image Slider On Your Blogger: Nivo Slider
How to Make Dofollow Comment Blog
Image Optimizing Techniques to Increase Traffic On Your Blog
How to Share Blog Post Automatically in Google Plus
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How to Increase Visitors On your New Blog or Site
Top 10 Social Networking Sites: Important For SEO
How to Make Stylish 404 Error Page For Blogger
How to Add Comment Counter on Head of Post Title
How to Add Google Translate Gadget in Blogger
How to Display Your Posts in Different Menus
How to add Simple Drop down Menu Using CSS
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Brasil Beats Chile on Penalties in World Cup 2014
How to Show Author Image Beside Every Post Title Of Blog Posts
World Cup 2014 Previous Matches Result
A Good Travel and Tour Agency of Nepal: Foot and Shadows Walking Holiday P. Ltd
World Cup 2014 in Brasil Live Streaming
Whole World Searching About The World Cup 2014 in Brasil
How to Add Search Engine Friendly Post Title
2014 SEO Tips For Future
What are Meta Tags, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Meta Title
Top 10 High PR Dofollow Forum Lists For 2014
Dofollow Blogs List Page Rank 0 to 5
4 Reasons of Low Adsense Earning
How to Add HTML Parser to Your Page
HTML 5 Media Tags For Embedding Videos and Audio: Basic HTML
Making Private and Specific User's Accessing Blog
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Argentina beats Belgium to set up Semifinal
Germany and Brazil Set up Semifinal of FIFA Word Cup 2014
Understanding the Importance of Media Planning
Quarter-finalists Of Brazil World Cup
France and Germany Set Up Quarterfinal
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Adsense Parser
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Become an Author
Free Link Exchange
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All Blog Solution
All Blog Solution
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All Blog Solution
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All Blog Solution
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How to Put Meta Keywords in Each Blogger Post

Meta tags or keywords are very significant SEO terms. To find your site’s rank better in search engine, you have to add meta tags or keywords in every page of the website. But when you want to put keywords in every blogger posts, you can’t because there is only meta description place in blogger. There you cannot find keywords adding space. So if you want to add meta tags or keywords also, you have to add some codes on your template. Meta tags are also as important as meta description. Meta tags help you to increase healthy and better traffic.

Process of adding meta tags in each blogger post:-Suggestion:We always recommend you not to change any code of your template with keeping back up of your template.

Step 1. Log in into your blogger.
Step 2. Choose your one blog.
Step 3. Go to template>>edit html.
Step 4. And find the code <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>
Step 5. Then paste the below codes below the above code.
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "PAGE-UR…

How to add Latest Facebook Comment Box in Blogger

Facebook has provided many plugins for websites and blogs. Recently the developers of Facebook have released the plugins “Facebook Comment Box”. This is awesome plugin of the Facebook. Using this Facebook comment box your blogger and websites user or viewers can comment on your posts and those comments will be automatically shared in their Facebook Comment Wall.

Facebook comment box makes your visitors catch you easily, so this can be very important for those people who want directly interact with the admin and other visitors. I know there are various people who want to know the Facebook comment box on their blogger blog, Wordpress blog and many other site. So this tutorial can be the best solution for them. So now we will suggest you how to add simple comment box of Facebook in the blogger blog. You should that everything have its merits and demerits. Likewise, this Facebook comment box also its some advantages and some disadvantages.

First of all, here we are discuss about the adva…

Try to Focus on SEO in Keyword "Everest Base Camp Trek" Seems A Bit Challenging in Nepal

"Everest Base Camp Trek" is a keyword that every travel and trekking agency of Nepal wants to focus. However, it seems little bit challenging to SEO experts to focus in keyword "Everest Base Camp Trek" in Nepal. By the way, SEO has been becoming more difficult day by day. In earlier, SEO is too easier. As you made lots of backlinks, then your site used to show in very first page in several keywords. But now, time has changed; there are trillions more information in the internet. So Google always considers to show best information to the searchers. And focusing keyword is a very most important factor of SEO.

Being a SEO counselor, I have analyzed several keywords that a trekking and tour agency of Nepal wants to focus in internet. However, they even do not know SEO is consistent work. It could not be done within a week or a single month. In fact, it may take 3 - 4 months or number of months too and that only depends on keyword status, keyword competition, and also …